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What I love the most and what I appreciate

Is the silence of others.

I press the pause button

And watch the birds free…

I can see them wherever I am, even if in prison.

Listening to my breath is my only gift to myself.

Close my eyes and listen to my sound.

I am alive for an Earth’s moment.

I am walking on a planet that supports life.

I am a form of this life.

Not a product.

Tiny like all the others, and loving and suffering.

I am water, I am wind.

The only thing I am truly…

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Wanting to die is so easy. I have wanted to die almost every day of my adult life. (I guess getting into adulthood is a little more difficult for drama queens). So yes, I have tried to kill myself in many lazy ways, like smoking everything, drinking everything, eating everything, especially shit. Yeah, shit was my favorite, shit was everything and I was always hungry only for that.

My decisions in life were even poorer. I wish there were poor decisions basically because there were no decisions at all. I think I believed that committing suicide was a kind of…

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-Where is my pencil?

Where is my mind?

my brain, a tired universe

is not in hope to find.

-This spark of burning fire

that started in my heart

is leaking lava of ice cream

I sail a crazy barge.

-I sail around in misery

sometimes I try to smile

but honestly, it doesn’t matter

cause no one is around.

-I have my journal and my dreams

I have my basic plan

but I feel guilty every noon

that’s not the best I can.

-It’s just one page

of thoughts and craft

each heavy day that will create

my first…

And the life that lies in between.

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Two years ago I couldn’t get out of my bed. I used to cover myself in the blanket because I couldn’t face my life. I spent many years, about six, wanting to die. One morning though, I had enough with myself. I was grieving again when suddenly I felt tired of me and I said “If you want to die, go kill yourself now. Can you do this?” Then I thought seriously and I found out that I couldn’t. So I said. That’s it. If you can’t die today, you must live. …

This technique gave me the motivation I needed. And it is forever.

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Some people will probably get offended by my article. I know how you feel, I would react the same way too, 12 years ago. I totally understand your feeling and with respect, I tell you I am not writing for you right now. I am writing for the people who want desperately to get deep in their souls, reach hell, stay thirsty, not give up and finally thrive, with not giving a penny about others’ thoughts. This is not easy to reach and I tell you, I am seriously writing for those people today.

I am proud to be an…

There is a Rosebush inside your body. You give its roses or you bleed to death.

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There is a myth (no there isn’t, but it must sound legendary), that inside our body, right below our heart, there is a rosebush, which is planted in us as soon as we are planted in our mother’s body. We come in this world with it, but not everyone keeps it alive till the end.

When you are a child, having a rosebush inside your body is so easy! Your rosebush is small, your hands are small, your heart is big, you give roses even to the woman that offered you a cookie in the bakery for free. …

Freedom comes from the inside, like life cracks in the egg.

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I live in Greece. A difficult country for free thinkers and people that choose a rational way of thought and lifestyle. It was always this way, but the financial decline is like snow and when it melts it makes filthy things lying under it, shine bright like diamonds in the sun…

I live in Greece but I am an Earth’s daughter. I feel every place of this beautiful mother as it is. Mine. And I can see that decadence spreads everywhere, from Europe to all over America, making people from Asia and Africa suffering even more. …

I have learned more from my students than I taught them.

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Eight years ago I started teaching English in private lessons for kids. It was a desperate attempt to earn my living and escape from my financial tragedy, as it was a trend for bosses not to pay, back then in Greece.

I had been working in bad conditions for about four years since I was a student. My psychology was bad, I used to meet rude people at my job, my options in relationships were very poor. Only my best friend was an oasis for me. But I didn’t talk to her about my feelings and situation.

I used to…

We know the scars that exist in our past like poor roads full of holes.

There is a village close to mine, with a very motivating story in my mind. This small place with only about 200 habitats, has managed to help me see life in a different point of view. Perhaps in the view, a person that has lived all the years that make a life complete can see. Someone who can look at his life as something that has passed. Beautiful or miserable.

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To see with my eyes, you will have to come with me to a small village of Balkans. The country is Greece, but the region is not a picturesque island…

My anxiety was the treasure that helped me come where I am today.

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Two years ago I was the result of spontaneous and most of all, poor choices that lead my life to a very unpleasant edge. I didn’t use to value my time but most of all I didn’t value the quality upbringing that my parents gave me.

Do not misunderstand me. When I say I didn’t give value my quality upbringing I mean I had forgotten who I was and that my parents gave value on my personality. And unfortunately, I took this for granted.

Poor choices basically mean poor quality in the company of others. I was a great listener…

Efi Asvesti

I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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