Anarchy comes from commitment. This is what they don’t want you know

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Anarchy. The most misunderstood word in dictionaries of our whole world.

When people think about anarchy, most of them have in mind, youngsters running in burning streets, having their faces covered with black scarves. Rubbish bins on fire , crying babies, women smoking weed and men parking on pavements. No working hours, there are robberies and chaos.

Everyone is so afraid of anarchy, that would do anything to prevent it from coming in town. They would vote for anybody that would save us from anarchy and they would do anything these people would ask them , so as to be safe. Parents from all around the world would even put their kids future as a loan, to secure that anarchy would stay away from their garden.

My parents have the same opinion and the majority of the people in my country. We have sold the whole country because we are afraid of anarchy. And this is a real pity, because in this country, many years ago, a glorious man was born who spoke about anarchy and no one knows him.

His name was Epicurus. He was born in Samos of Greece in 431 BC and he was maybe the only philosopher that would speak for the poors. He was the one that told us that our freedom in life comes from anarchy that truly arises from inside knowledge. You simply teach yourself how to think through reading and being peaceful in mind through liberation. No one can tell you what to think when you are aware of who you are and where you want to be. The true happiness comes from self sufficiency and true friends around your table. That’s all. And I agree.

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The egg needs to break from the inside to bring life. When it breaks from the outside, it dies. This is our brain. An egg that needs to hatch.

Being committed to yourself means you are committed to your dream. You work for it every day. You do it with passion, not stress, you are committed to make it happen and set you free and if you fail you do it differently.

Being committed to yourself will bring you knowledge. Knowledge will bring you the ability to think for yourself. Thinking for yourself will brink you inside anarchy. Anarchy will give you self sufficiency and this will lead you to freedom.

Being rebel means you make the rules of your life. You don’t have the will to cause fires or make old women run in the streets. You just stay alone, you educate yourself and then you make your own rules in your life.

Being anarchist means you plant your garden, or whatever this is.

Being anarchist means you think for yourself in peace.

It really means you have the knowledge to have what you need without slaves in your favor and you are not a slave of anyone.

It was only in my 30’s when I read a book about Epicurus. Until then I really thought about freedom as hanging on a hammock all summer and I was miserable because I couldn’t do it.

That is the way they want us to think. They just want us to need them. In fact, we would hire those guys for anything.



That is what we really need for our future generations. People who read and think for themselves. That is how we will gain our freedom. This will come only through commission to yourself. Be sincere for yourself and only. Cheers mates !

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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