Articles On Medium That Get On My Nerves

And the readers’ responsibility for this.

I have thought a lot about posting this.

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Two years ago, I was in a very difficult situation. I was in my early 30’s and I had decided that the place where I was psychologically and physically could not serve me anymore. I drag myself to my 30’s, with all my poor choices, and decided to start over again. The emotion was similar to death.

Why are you telling us all these??? Tell us about the articles and stop your personal drama.

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I keep on talking.

Even though I was wrecked, I moved to another city where I knew no one. I found another job, I was broke and I really had to build myself. Most of all emotionally and physically. Apart from my job that could pay my bills and food, I started writing in order to express myself emotionally. It was my only psychological help.

Now I will get to the point of how I found Medium.

In my free time, I tried to look for ways that I could get paid from my writing. Some people read my thoughts and they like them, so I said: “ If one person likes my thought and my structure, why this cannot happen with more people?”

So, I started studying marketing and stuff. I would write for Medium will all my heart, read books so as to make my posts knowledgable and helpful and do the best I could so as to help people that were in a situation similar to mine.

I started reading articles on Medium in order to make my posts more attractive and appealing. The classic “How to…” articles. How to gain followers, how to gain claps, how to become a top writer. And you know, all the “How to…” articles.

All these articles were about “working harder” and “being consistent”. Try more, do more, write when others don’t.

I believe and I know that these strategies work. That’s how I built my online business in just some months. By being consistent and giving quality to my students, followers, and readers.

I was ok with this, and I kept writing. Most of all, I write for myself and this one reader that says that they relate to my emotions and structure. This one reader, that says “Thank you for your perspective, it really helped me”.

That’s what I want to do. I want to be the writer I needed when I was searching in tears on the internet. Back then, when I had no clue what I can do to pull my head out of the water.

And I loved that! Until one day.

The day I checked the work of other writers here. I looked for articles that I normally wouldn’t click on. Some of them were like “do this, do that”, some others had no empathy for the reader, while others were even posts of bullet points and no other text!

Four Things To Do When You Wake Up

  • Wake up
  • Drink coffee
  • Meditate
  • Brush your teeth

I Went To The Gym For A Week. Here Is What I Learnt.

  • Gym Rocks
  • People are cool
  • My body responded
  • Life is cool!

And guess what! These posts have thousands of claps and we can’t even imagine the number of readers!

Of course, bullet points help the readers! I prefer articles with bullet points because they put my mind in order.

Of course, there are many helpful posts like that! They have helped me a lot! But this has ended up being a clickbait. And Medium was not created for that.

Medium is a place of high quality. I know that because I have been here for over two years. Medium was and still is a human attempt to help writers express themselves and build something beautiful, for the benefit of the readers.

Now someone may ask: “ Why do you still write then?”

As I said above, I am writing for this one person that comments “thank you, I really loved your post, it really helped”. I write because I love writing. I write because this is what I do.

I still write and I will always do, because I really love Medium and I want to be part of it, for the better. That’s why I get frustrated.Otherwise, I would just leave.

P.S. I have written bullet point, “How to..”, “Here is what I learned” articles. I have read dozens of them and they really helped me. I am talking about clickbait. (The bullet point articles that frustrated me, had nothing else than bullet points, there was no other text).

If you want more articles like that, you can’t do anything, and I can’t help you. I don’t have any other articles like that in my Medium profile or elsewhere. Don’t follow me for that. :-)

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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