How To Find Love In A World Of Loneliness

If you think life used to be easier and happier in the past societies, try to replace the world you know with your neighbourhood.

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When I understood this, I said to myself: “Are you still crying? Are you kidding me?”

I was in an empty relationship with an empty person and I lost some years of my life. That’s ok, I have said to myself that I used drugs and I recovered. I have always admired people who have recovered from drugs, so I decided to admire myself.

But now I know for sure that if you want to die in the place you are, you are being smartly abused, babe.

I had stayed alone because of this, I was isolated by all the people that loved me because of my secret. My mental abuse.

Even when you do nothing and sleep all day, you still build. Whatever that is.

What you build will be served in your hands. You build your future even when you worry. Give time for yourself, even 30 minutes per day, believe me, this is your worth, after giving time to yourself, your company will be more expensive and you will attract only those who can “buy” it.

In the “deserve it part” I mentioned only fatalists because those are the people that do something wrong, but I think they really deserve something good.

The only thing that I hope for those who mentally abuse the people that were unlucky to fell in love with them is that their people someday will wake up and decide to take their lives back.

I found my tribe on the internet and then I worked hard to move where they were.

I remember myself jogging in the rain so as to calm myself to go to sleep because of the stress I used to feel for the decision I had to make. Whatever you do, accept help.

I am still working on my life and I think I will always be.

For the first time in my life, I am conscious about myself, I write things down every day and I try to be a better person, especially for my partner and my mother, because these two people are the only ones that believed in me when I believed I was a bag of rubbish.

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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