How To Learn Greek This Year Prepare Yourself Day 2

Today we are about to talk about visualization.

Choose a time in your day you will enjoy it the most. It can be early in the morning, in the afternoon, late at night, whatever it works for you. This is going to be your personal time and it is going to last as much as you want it to be.

So, what you will be doing on Day 2 to prepare yourself for Greek?

Find a world map. Take a look at it in general. After some minutes of looking around the world, find Greece. For the next minutes, you will be looking at the map of Greece.

Don’t stay in this kind of thoughts too much. See it more in general.

Get in touch with the Geography of the country. The countries that suround it, the capital of the country. The islands, the seas, the mainland.

Start stimulating the feeling of curiosity. Curiosity is another beautiful word, after desire.

You have the posibility to make this part of land of the world, a second home of yours. This place of land can help you see yourself in another dimension of personality. It can help you see further and go further.

All you need to do in this pleasant procedure is to be open.

Think of what brought you here. Go back in your Day 1!How did you feel yesterday in your walk? Bring it back to your mind.

This is school. This is learning. The most brilliant and enjoyable practice of curiosity in our lives.

I mentioned practice.

Because yes, practice is an important part in this way of life. But practice means working with ourselves for ourselves. This is a habit of love for ourselves, it must not feel like a struggle.

The way of learning is to travel in time, using the words of their language.

The language that has been travelling around this place for centuries, helping its people express their happiness, struggles, and description of the world around them.

How To Learn Greek This Year Day 1

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How To Learn Greek This Year Day 1

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