How To Learn New Things For The Rest Of Your Life

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ife, as I see it, is so demanding and cruel to all of us, that we need to arm our inner world with weapons of our own desire, so as to cope. If we don’t do this, sooner or later we will find ourselves weak and non-creative. Lack of creativity is worse than it sounds. Inner creativity is what has kept alive artists that have written their own path in human history. Creativity is the light that can keep you alive. In this article, we will narrow down the way how to learn new things for the rest of your life.

So, what can a person do so as to help themselves start all over from the beginning and build themselves straight from zero? What can a person do to remove the educational system from their mind and strengthen themselves for their own benefit and the one of the whole community?

We will narrow down the steps everyone can take, steps that are easy and free for everyone to follow. Humble steps, which when implemented correctly, can help you go miles away in your life.

Let’s get started!

1. Create a school for yourself. Start this today. Clean your desk and make the environment brain-friendly. Get a pencil, a rubber, and a notebook. Have your laptop, your tablet or your mobile phone as the incredible tool it is: To have unlimited access to information and people from all around this beautiful globe. Now you are ready to learn new things!

2. Choose the subjects that you want. You don’t have to do this the same day. Choose one or any number of subjects you wish you learned by the end of the year. Two years ago, for example, I chose:

a. Finishing my studies after ten years.

b. Learning the skill of writing

c. Reading books

d. Cosmology

d. Geography

Do you know what is really cool with this school?

You can choose whatever you want! You have the potential to choose a new language, drawing or gardening or whatever! Someone can also change the subject when they think they are ok with it. When I graduated, for example, I started learning about music, listening to new things and created a circle of creativity that I really love and helps me do real work.

3. Go to your school for at least 30 minutes per day. There comes the feeling of consistency and commitment to your goal and yourself. This part is a subject itself. Find at least five minutes a day to learn new things and to be focused on what you want to learn. You can split these thirty minutes for each subject or you can add time for yourself. You can also have one subject in your school. It’s not the amount of time, but the quality of time. Even ten minutes can give you five new words of a new language, or two pages of a book. Never underestimate the humble steps. The humble steps are everything.

If you don’t have 30 minutes to study for yourself, you don’t have time to eat, bathe and sleep.

4. Turn off the distractions. It has been only five months since I changed my belief about this matter. I used to believe that it’s ok to do the work no matter the distractions. It’s important just to do the work. I then had some classes about the procedure of learning so as to help myself and my students study more efficiently.

And what I found there was far away from what I thought.

Learning to focus is vital for our brain. Learning to say no to distractions is self-control and the ability of self-discipline determines success. Determine the time you want to study for yourself and turn off the distractions.

You can read more about the power of turning off the distractions here.

Now let’s see what you will get back!

If you learn new things for the rest of your life you can only have benefits for yourself and the benefits will be huge. Your health will get better and you will gain a great ally against Alzheimer’s disease. When you strengthen your mind you have tools to fight the sadness that inertia and laziness bring.

No matter your age, the benefits will be visible with your own eyes. You may find a talent you had no idea you had! And I mean it! I had no idea I could write even a paragraph. After having read books and learn new things I have started writing and I got really cool feedback! Something that made me really happy and helped me fight the false idea I had for myself.

But the benefit will not be limited in your own body and soul. The benefit of your change will shine bright to the whole community. We need educated and rational people, who love humans and rose up with the help of knowledge.

Learning new things every day helps us live more than one lives. I am in my third life right now. I know people who lived only one.

Now it’s time to talk about something else. The way of learning. The education system is constantly repeating in our minds that learning is an obligation. It is a job to do and the one that doesn’t follow this rule, they fail.

The fact of failure in this system has fatal results for the people of both sides.

The one that failed, has the tendency to believe the label of the system for the rest of their lives. This happens to the people that succeeded in the system’s method. Consequently, those who have learned to repeat successfully believe that they have succeeded. I think this is bad for both sides.

In a functional and creative world where minds bloom, learning is a procedure of joy and satisfaction of curiosity. Start learning something new, or start again something you have abandoned in the past, as a hobby and with the desire to satisfy your curiosity. We have mane things to obey to. You don’t need an extra teacher to tell you how to do things.

You need a new hobby, not a new rule.

For me, this is where the educational system fails on purpose. If schools helped kids get to know themselves in-depth, find their talents and the love of the procedure of learning, how would the whole system maintain itself?

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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