How To Start The Habit Of Reading Greek Books And Posts

Efi Asvesti
5 min readJul 10, 2023

All the people who want to learn a foreign language dream of themselves speaking it with locals and other people who speak this language. But until we reach that point, in reality, we need to change our whole selves and patterns, to create this person who speaks this language. And that is maybe the most charming part of learning the language.

I learned many things from the things I have done right and the things I have done wrong, small and big experiments that helped me find ways with which people can learn whatever they want to learn.

Today, let’s talk about an idea I have about how we can help ourselves start the habit of reading in Greek starting today, by sharing my experience of how I did it in English.

Before my 30s, it would be unbelievable for me if someone told me that in my life, at some point, reading books in English would be almost the same as reading books in my mother tongue, Greek.

I admired those who did it, but I had never thought about doing it for myself. I thought it was something that was not for me, and it wouldn’t help me. It was just not for me.

This idea of mine would change when in my 30s I had to change radically the way I used to live because I had reached a dead end. I couldn’t go ahead, right or left. I could have stayed there, for a while, because it wouldn’t go far. Luckily I felt a huge need to go backward.

This need finally showed that it was not only the change that saved my life, but also it was the change that made my life incredible and turned into a new, fascinating page for my life.

I had to go back and start learning again. I had to change the way I was taught what learning is and create a new way that was going to be achievable and enjoyable.

Because I was looking for one source of positivity in my life, and the only source now for positivity would be the learning process.

I started reading books in Greek, which was difficult for me at that time. You can read about this…



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