I am sick of imageries and figurative actions.

This is not what our community needs anymore. And when I say community, I mean the global and only one.

A letter to myself.

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It seems that it is easier to die than learn how to work with love with each other. It honestly seems easier to watch a beautiful kid dying rather than work with our neighbor or brother and save it. We have got used to death. I know, we can’t stop death, I know it very well. But as long as don’t feel embarrassed in front of the innocence of the kids, we are still in our prehistorical age.

Traditions, beliefs, ethics, and cultures all in one ugly word. Habit. It is a habit my friend and you have adopted it from your parents. I know I get on your nerves right now, but you know what? The mess around you should insult you more. As long as a child is not safe in our society, for the one or the other reason, no one is safe, and maybe that makes you feel more worried.

Our traditions and beliefs are only about imagery actions. Gifts to poor children in Christmas, 5 minutes in church and then the fest is over. And you have this feeling of euphoria, as you have changed something. Do you want to know something? You have changed nothing. Your feeling is an illusion.

Our green is fading, our soil is dying and we are debating about who is right and who is wrong. Until we start feeling embarrassed of people that are now arriving on this planet, until we start respecting babies more than old rotten bellies, we will stay in the prehistorical age of our civilization.

We need to work like ants. Altogether with love for humanity and the living Earth. We need to get humble and shut our mouths in front of kids. We need to raise our voice only to those who are against our mission. Not the fellow ones, not the weak ones. I am wondering, is it so f@cking difficult?

If you saw me you would never believe I am the one that speaks this way. I am almost always peaceful and calm. I am just a regular, ordinary person that smiles often, is kind to strangers and walks quietly. But my mind is loud. These thoughts are screaming so loud in my mind that I want to convert them into weapons. That’s why I write.

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Some days are so frustrating. We make stupid people famous, we get to know people that do nothing important and ignore gorgeous people of our history that set great examples for our lives, like Nicolas Winton that was a teacher of respect, modesty, and bravery. Where I see is where I will go. Where are we looking as a society?

We are debating as we are watching out living planet fading, for the first time in our own history. We are facing something unexampled so we need to do something unexampled. I know I was rude in the beginning. But getting frustrated is normal when everyone around us is irrational. Being impolite is ok when you live in a totally irrational world. We have always been full of kind folks that never bothered anyone. Come on!

This can be translated into our lives too. You can’t have something glorious and new when you are practicing the old and same habits. This is a fact. And we need to face it.

My happiness depends on your happiness. Let’s work like ants, without knowing each other. Maybe knowing each other, is not what it’s all about.

We need you healthy in your mind and body. Keep both clean.

Let’s stay away from rotten food and thoughts.

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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