I will die many times, kill myself and rise again.

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I have already died twice

said goodbye to joys and fears

I have already got out of my mind

with flesh ripping and bones cracking

feeling exhausted like a newborn

slept peacefully in the shadow of my wings.

A heavy blanket was my mother,

for just a year, or maybe two.

She wasn’t warm but kept me safe

it was the only habit I could hold on to.

Having died already twice

helps me see my third life into the eyes.

No weight in my arms, my feet are free

no voices in my mind,

except mine…except mine.

There is only one physical death

the only seen.

But if I live my life properly

I will die many times.

Sometimes I will even kill myself,

many times.

It takes pain, tears, and fear,

I have learned that this is the way a new life begins.

We don’t only live once

This is one of the million lies.

in our minds and hands lay tens of lives.

Change is their father, the mum is our mind

just give them some peace and time to make love

No voices of others, just music, and candles.

As I fall and rise

change colors, mind, and fears,

I look at the flowers with compassion.

I think, do they feel the same pain

as they change, bloom and fade?

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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