I won my life back when I got to the first root of the universe

Human societies are far away from life

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I know I say it all the time, but it will never get boring. Reading has saved my life. Going deeper in my soul and the real history of humanity, made me realize that the root of my psychological suffering was the fact that human society is planets away from reality, the laws of the universe and the happiness of love.

Three years ago I was a result of a miserable situation that had lasted six years. I had been cultivating the idea that I am broken since I was a child. When everyone told me I was beautiful, I used to say to myself “Yes but I am broken. I will never be enough”. Most of the times I used to be even rude when someone complimented me. This idea started smelling badly in my mind and day by day, as the years were passing by, it had occupied my life. I was wrecked.

Most of the times, when something lives in your mind, someone comes in real life to confirm it. When you feel deeply that you are not good enough, someone who is not good enough will come to your life and reassure you that you are correct. Not always in physical violence. But with abandonment, disinterest, and apathy. The opposite of love isn’t hate. Hate is an emotion too. The opposite of any kind of emotion is the total lack of emotion. What else would someone who is broken and never good enough deserve anyway? And that’s why I reached my zero, zero interest for life, zero interest for food, which leads to a polite way of killing one’s life. It lasted six years and it was humiliating.

A good friend of mine who had recovered from drugs once had told me that the good thing about getting in zero, is that you can’t get any lower. You can only rise. Now I knew this applied to me too. So I understood that this was my zero point and that I had to work step by step, humble and easy every day so as to rescue myself from the trap I had let myself fall. Then my new partner brought books in my life. And love. The kind of love every beautiful human deserves.

So, one day a beautiful book came into my hands, a book about a philosopher I didn’t know anything about, even though I am greek. Epikouros. Since then Epikouros definitely became the one philosopher that speaks in my soul, that gives answers for my struggles and wonders, the only one that gives practical replies for rational people. In this book, I found the root of the universe and the reply to my problem. My problem was caused by the lack of any kind of movement, any kind of decision and self-esteem. And that ended up to be the root of the universe, so I guess I was in trouble. The root of the universe is motion. Movement. Action. This is how it all began. This is how everything begins then.

The universe was born when atoms got tangled together. They would never get close together though if they had never moved. Movement is the origin of the universe, so this applies to all the forms of life it hosts. The atoms are not located straight, they have a short inclination. Ιf they had never inclined they would never get stuck the one from the other, so they would fall like raindrops that would never meet. So, if the atoms would never incline, nature would have never formed anything. The Epicurean theory of inclination is the nascence of creativity. This was the only way the first geometric shapes occurred in chaos. Everything that is a law in the universe is a law in any form that breaths in it.

Every existence around us consists of three notions. Our weight, our heartbeat and the fact that we move. The existence of the first two, do not guarantee the existence of the motion. Nothing can come from nothing. An existence that does not move, has weight, heartbeat but it cannot produce. There have been many theories about this opinion, but the epicurean seems to be the most fertile. It moves the mind out of the brain, it helps it fly above the trees like a bird and then overview the cosmos like a spirit. We need to get out of our brains in order to use them.

Free creation is a common ability of the whole cosmos. It starts spontaneously, step by step by small creations, like molecules and can lead even to perfect shapes with intelligence and outstanding capabilities, like human beings. Spontaneity begins with atoms gathering together with the small inclination and ends up to the glory of human consciousness.

Free creation and motion can be totally different for everyone and in totally different velocities. What we need is to have them in our lives though and do not pretend that we need them. I used to do it. I used to make fun of art and motion but then I ended up being rescued by both of them. If you are totally depressed for a long period of time and you need to get out of where you are, please read my article where I write about what I did to rescue myself, how I woke up all my muscles and got into motion.

And always remember. We need to get out of our heads, in order to use them. The only laws that are true are those of the universe.

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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