Is SEO Important For Medium Articles?

How to get in the mindset of writing and cool things like that.

In order to get to the point to understand how important is SEO for Medium articles, we need to get through the journey that helps our mind improve and understand how this really works.

Some years ago, I found myself searching for ways to get into the writing online industry. I was torn apart from a glamourous situation of my poor and destructive choices, and I found writing as my only choice to stand on my feet again.

Imagine, I had barely grabbed a pencil and a paper even to write a list for the supermarket. In my whole life. But at this point, I found writing as the only way to express the grief and frustration I felt in my heart.

So, I had to find my voice and get into this. I made a real program for myself, maybe for the first time in my life, and started writing and reading “How to…” do this thing.

Searching for a place to exhibit my writing, I found Medium. It was almost two years ago. I was so excited! I had found a place to put myself working on, and anyone could see my writing! Getting paid was something really important too and it will always be for everyone.

I started posting my awful work. Having never written in my life, all I knew was that I had something to say and I felt like it. But without practice, you can’t even ride a bike. So, as I see my writing now, I was just a Neaterdal that had just found a keyboard and internet connection.

Then, an unknown word came on my screen. SEO. Back then, every time I heard of something new, my first reaction was to avoid it.

“I can’t follow this”, I said to myself and continued writing. For about a year.

During this year, naturally, I earned nothing more than about 20$ of 40$ per month. An amount of money that, of course, paid nothing for me.

I improved my writing though, I learned how to edit my articles and found techniques to become better. That was the point when my brain embraced the idea of leveling up and gaining more.

So, here I was. I would teach myself SEO.

At first, I was really negative. “We are so unlucky to have SEO, “SEO changes what I need to say”, “Why should I follow rules based on keywords!”

I gave myself time, to embrace this change. I am not an easy person, you see.

I started seeing myself as the reader that needs to read this piece of work. Here is where “keywords” come. Keywords are nothing more than the words that help the reader come to you. This doesn’t sound really bad, right?

SEO helps your work have a better appearance. It does! It makes a real picture of what you want to say, with beautiful quotes and headlines that make it brain-friendly for the reader and neat.

What about Medium articles?

Medium articles are online articles. This doesn’t change! The only thing that changes it the platform that hosts your work.

Always think as the one reader that needs your piece of work.

How will this reader find you?

Will they google it? The answer is yes.

Readers in medium posts don’t come only from Medium. Most of them, they google keywords searching for information. Medium just appears like any other platform or blog that hosts this piece of information.

Keep in mind, the new changes in Medium.

You get paid from:

  1. Readers that don’t come from Medium, but they found Medium because of you.
  2. The average time the reader spends on your post.

And this, my friend, is SEO.

How you can teach yourself SEO.

  1. Upload Yoast in your WordPress.
  2. Think like the one reader you want to help. What words would you google to find this article?
  3. Give yourself time to practice. Good things bloom with love and practice. When I first started, I would spend even two hours to improve readability and SEO. Now I can do it even in 15 minutes. Imagine the improvement!

Medium is just another room for you in the online world. The only way to help the readers find your voice is to be clear and brain-friendly.

This is SEO. And you need it.

For me, teaching myself SEO was one of the most important skills I gave to myself. It helped me not only get out of the situation I was some years ago but also sculpt my mind and grow for my own benefit.

Kicking change is an act of immaturity and the lack of self-growth.

That was me. But this, has nothing to do with who I helped myself become today.

I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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