The Deeper Meaning Of Practicing Grammar

Efi Asvesti
4 min readOct 31, 2022

Things are never what they seem to be. Why learning a language be an exception?

We need to re-examine every single thing we have been taught, and the process of a new language is one of these things. We need to re-build a new way for ouselves to learn. When people listen the word “Grammar” they want to avoid it. This happens because the way we have been taught Grammar was bland or maybe even traumatic.

Let’s change this by seeing some real advantages we gain for ourselves and build a new reality.

Let’s go!

There are many types of language learners. Some people learn by listening, some others need to always write things down. Some people are great in memorizing vocabulary, some others excecute Grammar and score high.

There are also those badasses, who embrace the nature of all of these things and understand that learning a language plays a huge role in having a deep understanding of ourselves.

In any category we may belong as learners, we need to talk about the importance of Grammar in the learning process.

Vocabulary is cool. Vocabulary boosts our confidence, it gives us the impression that we are in progress, but at some point this may become an obstacle in our growth.

Vocabulary are the bricks in the construction. While Grammar is the cement. Gathering bricks is important, but at some point you only gather bricks, in a building you cannot build.

Today we will talk about the importance of Grammar and the changes it causes in our personality and how it helps us build character.

  1. We learn how to practice patience, care and work in our attitude. Having the patience to have a look in the grammar of a another language gives us the opportunity to practice our hummility and deep work. This can be an extra advantage for the higher self we want to build. It is a very difficult practice that will take you to another level. You also have to learn how to remain calm in a situation that causes frustration in your mind and heart. It teaches you how to come back after you feel dissapointed with your performance and…



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