There are two realities in this life my friend

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There are two realities.

The one reality is the one that is happening now

The one from which I am suffering,

The one that makes my body heavy in the morning

The one that makes my soul grieve every time I am responding

“I am fine”.

This one reality I am struggling to get out from.

The other reality is in my mind.

It is the reality where I am dreaming that I am creative

The reality where I have unlocked the special level and I’ve got the golden tool.

This kind of magic pieces of paper that seems like a Yeti sword

and makes me the human I want to be.

A good human, an active human.

The reality where the inner voices are silenced at last.

People can’t see it, but this is my reality.

The only difference between those two,

is that the first reality is the product of my yesterday behavior.

The second reality is the result that I’m preparing for my near future self.

Letting myself relaxing and learning. Not quitting and getting mad.

Digging deep in the silence

And working on my personal advantages.

Secretly like all superheroes do.

The fact that the first reality is real now doesn’t make it “more realistic” than the second.

And this is as important as it sounds.

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