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I don’t know many things in life but I know one thing for sure. There is a spark in our hearts, but there is a fear as well. Today’s world is overwhelming for all of us. We need to survive financially, emotionally, be dignified and strong. We need our daily jobs so as to pay these monsters that fall under our doorway with a desire to eat our lugs. I know sometimes you feel you have had enough and believe me, I know that you do not exaggerate at all.

On the other side, there is another, underground truth. The farther you walk away from your own path, the more anxious you are. This is a law, like gravity, it is not an opinion. Inner voices, panic attacks, and other staff cooler than disco, are considered as problems in our society that need to be solved. But let me tell you something else. What if they aren’t problems that need to be solved, but in reality, they are materials that need to be used?

Let’s think of our soul as a material. Let’s see it as a piece of wood. Your wood comes to this world, in a crowded slope, let’s call it society. You play there for some time, you are really cool for this awesome period. When it’s time, a piece of furniture which looks really beautiful to you, (let’s call it “Mum”), comes and tells you: “It’s time! You need to be shaped!”. “I will take you to our local workshop, you will become the most beautiful furniture! (Let’s call this workshop “School”). You are so excited about that, not only because you want to learn things, but also because you meet some other pieces of wood there, tiny and sweet as you are. Some of them become your friends in life!

In the workshop though, there are some tools that will be used to shape you. They have shaped millions of woods before you, pieces of wood that have become furniture which seem enormous and glorious in your childish and innocent eyes. You have just arrived here, you know nothing. All you know is that you love your parents too much and you trust them. All you know is that grown-ups know well what they talk about, that they have the answers you need to understand your world and help you grow. All the tools you see in the workshop seem normal and useful. You have no idea about the tools whose existence you ignore, all you can understand are the tools you can see there. Some people will never understand that most of these tools are spoons, forks, and knives.

In the meanwhile, Paradigms get into your subconsciousness, without even realizing it. These paradigms will shape your behavior for a long time, even for all your life, if you don’t work about it. When we say work about it is not just about realizing it. It is about spending hours of your days, literally working on it. Educating yourself. Spending time with the right people, sorry I mean the right pieces of wood. Spending time getting out of the system, of the period of time, seeing life as a whole. Becoming independent. You can’t do this with knives and spoons, you need master tools!

And this is when this book lands in your hands. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not. Life is creative herself. Life is art, whether we realize it or not. When we are lost and we can’t find inspiration or a hand of help to move on, we need to concentrate inside ourselves and put the right words in our minds. The only and best way to do this is by reading a book, written with all the love of a serious person.

This is “Steal like an artist” book, by Austin Kleon.

It came into my hands, exactly right when I needed it. There had been weeks since I last wrote something and I couldn’t find an idea! I was about “I cannot write as a living, I can’t find ideas every day, I will just never be able to pay my bills this way”.

Most of the times these thoughts never come alone. The mind almost always continues to play with us, taking revenge for all the times we made him suffer in the past. So thoughts like “I will never be enough”, “I am a complete disaster”, “I am useless”, “ I will never manage to do anything appropriately” set their tents on our mind and have their summer barbeque there.

At this point you are alone. No words can comfort you anymore, this is your zero point and at this point, you have neither the courage nor the perception to find something good. The more you stay there without action, the deeper you will be drowned in the darkness. (I personally have no idea about that, I have just heard about it.)

Austin has made full research about what he is talking about and there is another advantage too. This book is written in a simple language, easy to read from people all around the world and people with depression. Look, I know what I am talking about. When I first started reading after ten years of finishing my studies, I was wrecked. I couldn’t concentrate on a page for a long time, but I needed to start from somewhere. This was the period that I would read 2 pages of a book every single day. It was a tiny seed in my reading routine. I trained my mind and now I can read even a book in a day. “Steal like an artist” is a great start for such situations.

It is not a fiction book, it is a lesson that must be taught in the school you will form for yourself. Definitely, it’s a test you need to pass for the future you build for your mind. The ultimate tool you need to have in your workshop. There, you will understand how inspiration works, this is where you will see that inspiration flies everywhere around us. You will get yourself in a beautiful chain of beautiful minds. We need to build our own workshops in order to survive in this crazy and based on unethical laws society, and this tool is all you need for your new beginning, my friend.

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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