Wanna know if you are a genius? Tick the 4 bullets.

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What are the characteristics of a real genius? Are you truly one of them?

Nowadays we are in an era that I really love. The era of doubt of whatever we have been taught all over the past years, even centuries. So today we are going to reinvent the word geniusand what it really means. Till today, a genius is a person that was born with this identity, is had most to do with the understanding of Maths or Science. A genius would also lead a successful profitable company! So yes, being a genius had most to do with being rich. A poor person would never be a genius, everyone knows that. A smart thief would be considered a genius for sure! In peoples understanding, a genius doesn’t have to work for this ability. He was born with it, and that is the easy way the folks would justify someone’s good performance.

Having done some research though and gathering some brilliant examples of personalities in human history, I have noticed that there are some other characteristics that make someone a genius. It is not their genius grandpa who gave him this characteristic, or their parents that helped them succeed. Their huge success was not just to be born as legends, that is a crappy myth. In fact, most of them had difficult lives because of their attitude, being a genius is not a ticket, as most folks tend to believe. (The more uneducated the folks of the era they lived, the more shitty the life of the genius was). Being a genius is an attitude , it is not an easy thing, maybe it is even a curse. But this is why we are currently working for. An era which embraces the genius attitudes and also rewards them!

Soooooo…..are you a genius?

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Most of the people that are considered as ones were lifelong learners, for sure! Would you adore Nicolas Tesla, if he had worked till he was 35? Would you know about Albert Einstein if he had decided that he knew everything at the age of 46? Who would be Nitzsche if he had decided that he preferred his warm blanket? Have we got any clue that Orwell had an understanding in mathematics? Did Martin Luther King knew anything about Science? Maya Angelou? And the list goes on. Those guys had one thing in common, guys. They had kept being enthusiastic about learning. They were curious. They had doubts of what they had being told and played by their own rules. That is one characteristic of a genius. Are you?

What is Oprah known for? Why is she a genius? Has she taken a test that was published or something? Does she compose brilliant music? Has she ever tried it? If yes, she had probably failed, because she is not known for that. She hasn’t made an invention too. So… Why is she a genius? Because she had found her passion and she never listened to anyone that told her she wasn’t good at it. So many people came across her way, telling her she is not something special. She was a woman, she was black and nothing was cool about her. She listened to none of them, because she had found her passion and she was honest only to herself. A person who knows what his passion is, usually doesn’t know it since he was a child. Many people find their passion through massive failures. When you try something and you fail you go further and keep trying till you die. They are committed to that. Many times I hear people “ I don’t have a passion, I am not special in something”.. The question that arises from this statement is…how many time have you failed trying to find your passion? Life is difficult I know, but this research in our soul is exciting too.

I am currently writing a book, it’s been a year now. I was always telling myself…ffff I have so little time to find even an hour to make a contribution and write even a paragraph. What I am going to do? I am overwhelmed. Then one day, I came across the story of George Orwell. And that made me feel really guilty about myself. He wrote the “Animal Farm” the year his first wife died, and the gorgeous book “1984” was published the year he got sick. So I asked myself, how bad do you want it? This person was not just charismatic, everyone of us is. This person was brutally committed to his goal, to his truth. And this is why we are here thanking him, there are so many other brilliant ideas that were buried with the people who carried them.

  • Give time to feed your mind
  • Be committed
  • Fail
  • Repeat
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This is what truly makes a genius. End of the story. The folks that gave birth to the myth that people are born genius, is a repeatedly failure story of lazy folks, whose only role was to judge and feel jealous of the geniuses. They truly were lazy people in mind, they were committed to work only with their hands without using their minds. Don’t take them really seriously, if you regard that the folks were those who watched scientists being burnt in the fire as witches. These people are their kids. People basically think according to what they have been taught. So, they have heard what a genius is and they just repeat it. The four bullet points mentioned before are the hard path, the easy path is to have an opinion based in no research and an opinion that promotes us to watch TV after work and complain how hard a life of an everyday hero is. Cheers mate and thank for reading!

This article was first published in my blog, Restart Revolt


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