What religion has taught me about the function of my brain

How understanding how religion operates in human brain,gave me the motivation I needed.

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ome people will probably get offended by my article. I know how you feel, I would react the same way too, 12 years ago. I totally understand your feeling and with respect, I tell you I am not writing for you right now. I am writing for people who want desperately to get deep in their souls, reach hell, stay thirsty, not give up and finally thrive, with no giving a penny about others’ thoughts. This is not easy to reach and I tell you, I am seriously writing for those people today.

I am proud to be an ex Christian. I am really proud to have spent 10 years of my early life in the Christian environment and “education”. I was the one that was curious to learn about what happens in the sky, I wanted to find a love that would water my soul with desire every day and give me the motivation to fight. I was a weird kid and now I am very proud of that. However I was not lucky as far as the sources are concerned so, like a normal and typical pre-internet homo sapiens, I turned to religion. Now I don’t regret about it, honestly. I need to tell that my family did not even tell me to go there, it was my desire. And now I love it because I know every function of this mythology. I have read their books, I know the life stories of their saints, how they are presented and how they truly were. I was a snake in their nest and that sounds sexy.

I went to a Sunday Catechize School, where we were very lucky to have a lovely old priest teach us the words of Jesus. I loved this grandpa so much and I will truly never forget him. He taught us about love and peace inside and I still keep his words. He was a good man that wanted a better future for his children, he obviously didn’t want to work in the fields like all his friends, he finished primary school and became a priest. (Born in a Balkan village in 1930) He was a good man though and he will always be remembered. That has nothing to do with Christianity though, now we have scientists.

There were some things though that I truly had questions about. Why we always discuss ourselves there and humans, basically “our humans” and even more specifically our own family and soul and never about nature and animals? Another question I had especially at my Greek school was how did the ancient Greeks magically abandoned their religion and turned to Christianity. The response of my teachers was “They understood that their religion was based on passions and they would lose their souls”. This response was not rational even for a 9-year-old child. I believed that when you truly love something and it is real, you can’t change it. The truth is one. I asked these question more than once, they repeated the same thing, so I remember telling myself “When I grow up I will search it”. I had no idea that as an adult I would live in the most waking period of known human history. I had no idea how much privileged I would be, in comparison with my parents and ancestors.

So, when I grew up I searched for it. I don’t remember how it started, I guess when I understood that this kind of “philosophy” didn’t serve my soul. Their words would always be the same, their words never change, they just repeat the same things that you need to hear. You need to hear that you are special and your family will be ok. It’s ok, everyone feels the same, don’t worry.

I remember the first time I talked with a friend about Jesus I felt responsible for defending Him. I told him that he is too much sure about himself and he should be more humble. He smiled and didn’t care and that was the right thing.

I can’t remember what started the spark in my sleeping mind, I think that it was Zeitgeist. Jacque Fresco was the first person I sat down and listened to, I think. As years went by, I became more specific and open. I learned how this authority came into my country, how it worked and what I needed to fight inside my mind. Carl Sagan, Jacque Fresco, the super great Greek writer Lily Zografou and so many others took me as a student and opened my eyes to the real world. I learned what had happened in Greece and Alexandria, which devastating results we still suffer today.

I started looking deep in the sky and I can tell you for sure, the only thing I couldn’t see was God.
I need to tell you something. The brainwashing is so deep that I needed to go to each mental virus that was injected into my mind and let it go. This takes years. Greek philosophers helped me so much in this procedure. Epikouros is my favorite.

Philosophers and writers were all I needed to make my heartburn from the desire to change. When the mind doesn’t change it dies, even when the heart delivers blood there and keep it warm. When your God doesn’t die, the only one that dies is you.

But religion is not what matters now. What we need to do is to understand the technique. This technique was and still is really successful in human brains. What we need to do is to take each piece of it, change the message and implement it in our own brains. Watch the strength worshippers of every religion have. Speaking with Muslims, I learned that they drink water only at night during the Ramadan. In the Summer. Wearing heavy clothes. When women have a period or being pregnant. Do you the strength that we humans have? Now change the message and have this strength, that you would also have if someone had been telling you about it since you were 2 years old. Change the message, brainwash yourself with your message and operate it as a religious person. Do you want to write a book? Execute it as it was God’s will. (People even kill their children for their God’s will! You are a member of the same cluster! Just change the message.)

The first people that talked about religion were genius. They were the first that understood that the human brain operates first with brainwashing and then with the habit. So, now you have a key. Brainwash yourself with positive and informative thoughts and visions, make it a habit afterward. Practice it every day like God’s will. Make it your religion, until it becomes your reality. Every Christian or Muslim is not better than you when he is so committed to his thoughts.

Be dedicated to your dream as it is your God. At least, it is the only thing that is truly yours in this little piece of time you were given.

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I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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