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It is important that you read the articles in the correct order and prepare yourself for each day.

So, yesterday we talked about the importance of desire in the learning procedure. We talked about how we can boost this feeling of desire using our senses close to the nature.

Today we are about to talk about visualization.

Choose a time in your day you will enjoy it the most. It can be early in the morning, in the afternoon, late…

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One Week of how to learn Greek this year and prepare yourself to welcome the Greek language into your life, in order to stay with you forever.

Next week, is the first week of November. A month that can become a great beginning for everyone’s life. I love October and November more than any other months of the year’s calendar. These two months can do great beginnings!

So, if you are considering to take up Greek this year, you can follow me this week. Every morning, Greek timezone, I am going to be sharing with you, tiny, simple things you can do to prepare yourself emotionally for this fascinating journey of yours that can start in November!

The journey of welcoming the Greek language into your life!

Just like you prepare yourself for a trip! An extra…

her key role in history started in her teens

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Many people around the world research the history of Greece. Undoubtedly, it is useful to learn about the broad histories, but what about the specific people who made ancient Greece so great? Those who glance at the history books might come across the name of Aspasia, and uncover her role in the history of Ancient Athens. But unless they probe a bit more deeply, they’ll never know how grateful to her we all should be.

Some sources and references mention her only as an Athenian beauty. She organized the coolest parties. She had the coolest friends. Her husband, Pericles turned…

Every day we listen to people that struggle and feel depressed about the fact that there is so much evil in the world. To be honest, I was this kind of person. I couldn’t emotionally handle any of the news I heard and read. And this is normal behavior. It is normal to feel sad in a sad reality. And we need to accept this feeling of sadness.

In order to understand why there is so much evil in the world, we need to dig deep into the roots of our ancestors and relative species.

We all have heard people saying: “I don’t understand why humans are so evil”, “The human race is the worst species on planet Earth”, “I feel ashamed to be a human”, “We…

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Some students of mine often come to me and tell me that some of their Greek friends and relatives tell them that, no matter how hard they try they keep on having issues with their accent. They make mistakes and the way they speak doesn’t seem natural or correct. So, today I felt the need to help you how to become a perfect student, not only in Greek but in any foreign language.

In order to do this, if you have experienced something like what we mentioned above, I want you to go back at this moment. …

The ultimate guide to failure

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Do you feel broken deep inside? Do you know horrible things about yourself that others don’t know and you think that you deserve to suffer? Are you at this point in your life that you enjoy your self-destruction?

It doesn’t matter that others made you believe that. It doesn't matter if those that made you believe that feel great. You are a horrible person for some reason you have made up for yourself, and you must pay. No one will notice it, and you don’t deserve it. But you must pay.

I am the most appropriate person to write an…

My beautiful journey, that started from zero.

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Give five minutes to read my story. I am not a guru that has the ten bullet point list that will transform your life in a month. I am just a simple life student and person, that made it. This is as simple and brilliant, as it sounds.

Some months ago I would dream that one day I would write an article here in Medium with a title like this. Or maybe, I would not even imagine that. The fact that I wanted it, didn’t mean it would happen. Or, it did?

This month last year I was working at…

How to get in the mindset of writing and cool things like that.

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In order to get to the point to understand how important is SEO for Medium articles, we need to get through the journey that helps our mind improve and understand how this really works.

Some years ago, I found myself searching for ways to get into the writing online industry. I was torn apart from a glamourous situation of my poor and destructive choices, and I found writing as my only choice to stand on my feet again.

Imagine, I had barely grabbed a pencil and a paper even to write a list for the supermarket. In my whole life…

Efi Asvesti

I love writers, writers are good people. They speak in your mind with your voice. I will be writing every week until I become a voice in your beautiful head.

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